"When you buy something from a craftsman,  you don't buy a simple object. You buy hundreds of hours, of experiments,  failures and trials. You buy days, weeks, months of work,  of frustrations along with moments of pure joy. You're not buying an object but a piece of your heart,  a part of your soul, a moment in someone's life. When you buy something from a craftsman, you're buying  time spent doing what is his passion and your pleasure."

Table plates

Table Plates

For an original table setting, you cannot be indifferent to our Calinics dishes.
The result of creativity and experience combined with great manual skills originating from millenary eras, today our ceramic plates have encountered new techniques and new ideas that ride the wave of modernity and freshness of your dining tables.

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  • Piatti di Pasta Calinics



    pAsta dIshes Handcrafted pasta dishes to decorate your tables and impress your guests by welcoming t…

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